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As part of our comprehensive student support initiatives, the Australian School of Abu Dhabi offers its students a convenient bus services that ensures the needs of all students are met efficiently and effectively through delivering quality transport services both to and from school.

All our buses meet the safety requirements dictated by UAE law. Every day our Drivers and our Assistants collect and drop off students from all over our geographical catchment area. Our primary concern is the safety of each and every student. Our students are expected to follow the bus rules and behave appropriately on the bus at all times.

The cost of transportation is 3850 AED per child for the academic year. Parents can organize and pay for the bus service for their child through the School’s Front Office.


Baniyas Al Nahda
Gabat Officer City
Khalifa City A Al Falah
Khalifa City B (Shakbout City) Al Bahia
Shwamikh Al Rahba
Mohamed Bin Zayed City Al Shahama
Musafah Al Shamkkah
Abu Dhabi Al Mafraa
Between the Bridges area Mohamed Bin Zayed
Al Makta Bridge Al Reef Village
Al Wathba Yas Island