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Head of Academy (Director General) - Salah Salman AM

Appointed since 1985 as a member of the KKICV (King Khalid Islamic College of Victoria) Board, Salah quickly moved on to becoming the Board's Chairman in 1986 and subsequently, College Director in 1991. He has also been the driving force behind the College's massive physical and academic development.

Responsible for introducing the IB (International Baccalaureate) Program to the Academy, Salah has cemented the AIA's position as being the first and only Muslim school to offer all three IB programmes in the southern hemisphere. These achievements have also been complemented by his initiation of the AIA's national and offshore expansion, leading to the acquisition of the Sydney Nur ul Huda campus and the founding of the Australian School of Abu Dhabi, which commenced operation in 2006.

Outside of the AIA, Salah is also credited with being a founding member of ACIES, the Australian Council for Islamic Education in Schools. ACIES is an educational organisation which monitors and supports Muslim Schools in Australia. Salah has also been made a member of the Order of Australia for his extensive community service.

Head of ASAD Campus - Anthony Wethereld

Assistant Director General (Finance and Personnel) - Jihan Saleh

Assistant Head of ASAD Campus - Waleed Bamirny

Senior Master - Tamer Hussein

Senior Mistress - Amel Hag Ahmed

Head of KG School - Lamea Farag

IB Diploma Coordinator - Mahmoud Dabet

IB Diploma Coordinator Assistant - Amel Hag Ahmed

MYP Coordinator - Sara Al Shami

MYP Coordinator Assistant - Somaya Noubah

PYP Coordinator - Ayan Abdellahi

PYP Coordinator Assistants - Lamea Farag-Amal El-Gamal