The Year 1 teachers jumped for joy as we came to the end of another very successful excursion. Year 1 students had their curiosity satisfied as they discovered all the fascinating experiences the heritage village had to offer. The beautiful camel and the stunning horse wowed the students, showing them how Emirati families travelled in the past. The quite exquisitely handcrafted wooden and stone houses amazed the students as they discussed similarities and differences to their own modern homes. The water-well allowed the students to appreciate current day life in the U.A.E. A tour around the museum captivated students as they explored artifacts from the past. Some boys and girls were particularly interested in the photographs of students attending a school from around 40 years ago. The heritage village provided an area where the students were fortunate to see how different items were made such as carpets and teapots. It was then time for a delicious lunch as the red carpet was laid out. Students reflected on the events of the day before making the trip back to school. Well done to the Year 1 Students on working so hard with this unit!