Assessment in the MYP aims to

  • Support and encourage student learning by providing feedback on the learning process
  • Inform, enhance and improve the teaching process
  • Provide opportunity for students to exhibit transfer of skills across disciplines, such as in the personal project and interdisciplinary unit assessments
  • Promote positive student attitudes towards learning
  • Promote a deep understanding of subject content by supporting students in their inquiries set in real-world contexts
  • Promote the development of critical- and creative-thinking skills
  • Reflect the international-mindedness of the programme by allowing assessments to be set in a variety of cultural and linguistic contexts
  • Support the holistic nature of the programme by including in its model principles that take account of the development of the whole student.

The most important purpose – support student learning

For the student:

  • Gathering and analysis of information
  • Feedback to students
  • Provide a basis for practice

For the teacher:

  • Identify student learning needs