Portfolios are one method of collecting and storing information that can be used to document and assess student progress and achievement. A portfolio is a record of student involvement in learning which is designed to demonstrate success, growth, higher-order thinking, creativity, assessment strategies and reflection. It is a celebration of an active mind at work. It provides a picture of each student’s progress and development over a period of time both as individual and group learners. It enables students to reflect with teachers, parents and peers in order to identify their strengths and growth as well as areas for improvement, and then to set individual goals and establish teaching and learning plans.

Evidence of learning in a portfolio is from a range of experiences and curriculum areas. The portfolio is used to show the development of knowledge, conceptual understanding, trans-disciplinary skills, attitudes and the attributes of the learner profile over a period of time. It is also used to document student action. Portfolios are used as a tool for assessment and reporting purposes for students, parents, teachers and administrators.